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Poll: Has anyone lost their ability to enjoy music

Has anyone lost their ability to enjoy music

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Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Well, since you bumped it, I'd like to ask whether anyone enjoys songs where the artist screams the lyrics, with vocal cords usually damaged by earlier screaming, accompanied by instruments played as loud as possible to drown out the fact that they have no musical or vocal talent.

I saw Grace Slick live, around 1971. Sad.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I still try to listen to songs but sometimes I just cannot make it through the whole song. It just gets to be too much somehow and it doesn't matter if it is fast/slow or classical type/something with a beat.


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I was wondering: can music appreciation be broken into two main camps: those who want music to boost their adrenaline, and those who want music to calm them? I'm definitely not an adrenaline addict, so maybe that's why I can't understand why loud/screaming music is popular.

If that's the case, maybe it makes a difference in whether ME affects the ability to enjoy music. Judee's comment above is that it doesn't make a difference for her. I'm pretty sure it doesn't make a difference for me either; I can enjoy fast-paced and slow-paced music as well as I did pre-ME.

I just don't like screaming and loud unmusical noise. :mad: