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Poll: do you get symptoms similar to an "MS Hug"?

Do you have any of the following symptoms in the chest/back?

  • A feeling of a tight band around the chest

    Votes: 19 48.7%
  • Pressure in the chest/back

    Votes: 18 46.2%
  • A feeling of being poked in the back

    Votes: 6 15.4%
  • Burning pain

    Votes: 10 25.6%
  • Sharp pain

    Votes: 10 25.6%
  • Tingling pain

    Votes: 7 17.9%
  • Bubbling or vibration

    Votes: 9 23.1%
  • None of these but I have other symptoms in the chest/back (elaborate in comments)

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • None of the above

    Votes: 7 17.9%

  • Total voters


I get something that feels like the aftermath of having the wind knocked out of you. Sort of like you've been hit by a boat paddle to the solar plexus recently and are still reeling from it. It's associated with overdoing, though it's sometimes present otherwise.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I do wonder if this is caused by a kind of pre-NAFLD (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) for some of us. One site, which I cannot find again right now, :( said that EBV and Cytomegalovirus can both be involved.

NAFLD can also affect the esophagus which they said can end up being fatal. :(

I'm just experiencing a lot of this lately. My liver, spleen and esophagus all seem inflamed and irritated and I feel like I'm being squeezed over the lower half of my rib cage as well right underneath that.

I was originally thinking acid reflux but now I am wondering especially since I do think with our disease our livers tend to get bogged more than average.
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