POLL: Crimson Crescents In Your Throat? Know Your Coxsackievirus B Titers? ME/CFS Onset After Mono?

Do you have crimson crescents? Know Your Coxsackievirus B Titers? ME/CFS Onset After Mono?

  • I HAVE CRIMSON CRESCENTS and low coxsackievirus B titers

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I have crimson cresents as illustrated in the pics uploaded. I haven't had the Coxsackie neutralisation test but I have had EVMed Research ENTEROVIRUS PROTEIN 1 IMMUNOPEROXIDASE STAINING with results of extensive Enterovirus protein and double stranded RNA found in the stomach tissue. I have had a sore throat for 9 months with the severity worsening in the last 3 months with all other symptoms of gastric upset, myalgia, joint pain, fatigue. I didn't vote in the poll due to the fact I haven't had the test but the Enterovirus I have is most likely a Coxsackie B virus according to my research, symptoms, history etc


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Rufous McKinney

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I seem to have a strong crescent on my left side. Far less on my right. yet the right side of my body is far more sick.

this location of the crescent does not seem to be where my chronic frequent sore throats reside. I have no tonsils.

Scary looking in there with a flashlight.


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I have crimson crescents and have had extreme sore throats that cause complete voice loss. I haven’t been tested for cocsacki B but have had positive test for EBV and CMV and HSV my ME did not come on directly after a virus it was triggered by a vaccine but I have had many viral issue and numerous chest infections that disappeared when I got ME in fact all my recurring viruses went away when I got ME.