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Phoenix Rising Website Projects


Phoenix Rising Founder
The Phoenix Rising website has alot of potential projects. They include

  • Creating an interactive Treatment Review section - Status - underway - Needed - people competent in asp.net/ C#/VB.NET
  • Creating a Physician Review Section - Status - Underway - Needed - no help needed
  • Creating More Information Sections on ME/CFS Topics - Status - ongoing - Needed - People willing to contribute rigorous, objective overviews of ME/CFS topics
  • Creating an ECommerce Section where ME/CFS patients can advertise their products/services - Status - in progress
  • Fix design errors on the website - particularly the header section - Status - no time - Needed - people with knowledge of CSS
  • Logo - Need Logo for Phoenix Rising Forums - Status - blocked - Needed - artistically inclined people
  • Non-profit - Turn Phoenix Rising into non-profit - Status - blocked - Needed - someone with experience in this area
  • Creating a Bringing the Heat Blog/Vbulletin connection - Status - blocked - Needed - people competent in PHP
  • Making Phoenix Rising financially viable - status - somewhat underway - Needed - Ideas and expertise


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Hi Cort. Thanks for that list. Your site here is such a valuable resource for so many. I have all kinds of ideas of people to nominate to write the info sections - the expertise on here is incredible.

I don't have any of the skills needed except maybe the last. Could you give an idea of what it would take to make PR financially sustainable? As you may know, I'm starting a little site for CFS OUT, and I'd like to have it provide support to PR. (Feel free to pm me if that's preferable.) :)

ETA ps I like the "Project Pages" idea from your other post. How do you see that working, technically? That we would start a "Social Group" for each "Project"?