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needing to eat before bed to have better sleep - why?

Some people eat dinner so early: like 6-6:30....then I understand they wake up at 3 am hungry.

I tend to eat a late dinner, always have and will not go to sleep unless I'm full....like I may eat around 8.

My blood sugar is not stable, I'm trying to avoid Type 2, and I'm hungry alot. And feel like I"m eating all day and nite, but I was only getting 1300 calories when I checked. I'm also fairly thin, lost 45 pounds.


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South East England, UK
I eat my evening meal around 6 pm but I cannot eat large meals so always need a small top up around 10 pm and have been like this for years. (I am 9 stone and 5ft.4 so don't need to loose weight).

My usual snack is 1 Sorgum cracker with a little butter and cashew butter plus a couple of small cashews.

I notice that it stops me being too sleepy for a while so don't need to sleep until 11.15 or 11.30 and then I can sleep well till between 6-7 pm although I do have periods of insomnia especially in the Spring and Summer. If I don't have a small snack I cannot get too sleep and am likely to wake feeling weak and with a migraine.

My basic diet is relatively low carb, lots of good fats and protein but over past few months I have been adding some oats and small quantities of stewed apply to try and feed good bacteria.