MTHFR mutation, low folate, detox issues

Hi! I have a single MTHFR mutation (SNP rs1801133 A/G; rs1801131 T/T), folate levels: 2.7 low↓ (range 3-17), active B12 normal 77 (range 25-165). I've been on a very restricted diet for over a year due to vitamin A overload in the past, and react badly to vitamin A and carotene-rich foods. My most noticeable issues at the moment are:

severe fatigue, vertigo, colon inflammation, brain fog, and many more.
However, as I only recently learned of my mthfr mutation, I've got some questions.

1) Can I hope to raise my levels to normal through eating lentils every day? I remember reacting very badly to methylB12 in the past and don't wanna try any methyl supplements for the time being. I don't tolerate greens. If so, can I retest my folate levels in a week to see if they start to increase?

2) Does it make sense that eating red meat (high b12 content) several days in a row causes me to be irritable, cranky and anxious? Maybe due to folate/b12 imbalances. I thought it was due to my single iron-overload mutation, but my iron panel is pretty okay at the moment.

3) Does it explain, at least partially, my inability to deal with arsenic and oxalates? Rice and buckwheat tend to make me feel awful if eaten in large enough quantities. I guess a working mthfr cycle is required for both.


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I'm sorry. This isn't a topic I'm very well versed on.

B12 supps/folate didn't make me feel all that great the few times I tried them so I never pursued it.

I do remember a doctor on YouTube saying that if SIBO is an issue it's better to resolve that first. He said bacteria use methylation too and supplementing first will just fertilize the bad guys. Who knows? Maybe that's what I was doing.

I know that really doesn't answer your questions. Hopefully, someone else will come along soon and know something more.

Anyway, here's one search page. Hopefully there also be a post or two that answers some of what you mentioned.

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are you also COMT met/met? if so that can make it hard for you to tolerate mehtyl supps. Kind of puts us in a pickle if we are COMT met/met and have MTHFR (i'm hetero for the C677 and just gave up trying to improve my folate status through vitamins) and found more improvement supporting the COMT.
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