Mother cleared of attempted murder


Aristocrat Extraordinaire
The above mail article is truly heart-breaking to read. Everyone should read it.

Some of the comments on it are absolutely appalling though. In particular this one:

The whole story screams Munchausen's by proxy or a similar delusional state between mother and daughter. Most medical professionals will have seen enough to realise and pick up the clues running right through the article above.

ME is not a disease, it is a state of mind. Like the 98% of people who have been proven NOT to have a food allergy or sensitivity at all.

Cue the outraged nutters defending the undiagnosable and therefore sacrosanct..................................
- Ex NHS Surgeon, Middlesex UK, 28/1/2010 09:27
Sadly the above is not untypical of the kind of abuse faced by patients from certain quarters of the medical profession in this country.

Also this one:
ME is not a 'real' disease. its psychosomatic symptoms.

It used to be called bone idleness.

- John Bull, Dawlish, 28/1/2010 09:03