Mobilty scooter success


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I'm just been out on my mobilty scooter 1st time in nearly a yr .
It was one of those ' I have to go out and I have to go now moments '.
I've been here before and often had severe and lengthy pay back . Ive learnt that I take the risk . Having stability and not crossing the line feels too restricting .

So in spite of what may ahead here's my experience ..

It was glorious I got to go along my road and see the sunshine and the hills . School children walking home from school and mums .
I went down the hill and saw differences to some houses since I last went out .
Past the old oak tree I stopped and admired its acorns and green lushness.

People smiling ( they do that with people on mobilty scooters . Me smiling back . Such a good feeling being part of society again to be seen . To feel who I am in relation to people . To matter .

I carried on to the main road and saw the green space ahead and the tree lined road .

Pausing and just looking I saw a mum come along telling her boy he can't have any more days off or she will get in trouble .

Smile .


Fresh air .

I decide to head back ... Don't push it Emma .

So back up the hill I go admiring all I saw on the way down with a different view .

Pausing at the top of the hill before I turned into my street I viewed the distant hills again and the sunshine .

I lifted my head to the sky and said ' I'm in life ....

Promptly had a lay down when I got back . My blood pumping from the fresh air , stimulation and movement .

I feel more alive 2hrs later .

Like I went out ......🌻🌲🌿🧒