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Mitochondria reactions


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Anyone here pretty knowledgeable on mitochondria? I cant figure out why but whenever I take ubiquinol or NAC or another mitochondria antioxidant I get a horrible reaction. Just throwing it out there in case anyone knows.


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United States, New Hampshire
NAC is a precursor to glutathione which is a powerful detoxifier. I can only take 100 mg ubiquinol a day or I get pretty bad reaction also. I believe that a toxic overload is a big part of cfs/fm causing many symptoms, including mitochondrial dysfunction. I also think the gut (dysbiosis and leaky gut) are a major source of toxins.

Little Bluestem

All Good Things Must Come to an End
@whodathunkit, do you know if this smaller book includes the information on mitochoncria or is it just about MS?

Right now the used hardbacks are more expensive ($16.38) than the new ($15.27). :confused: