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Meals when cooking is out of the question


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Many foods can be cooked whole, and then after having been cooked and they are softer,
then, they can either be cut or chopped more easily, or put into the blender, then.
That is true! It's impossible for me to cut up a raw sweet potato, but after I stick it in the microwave for a few minutes then it's much more manageable.


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Southern California
Hi Shoshana - I don't know of a better way to find a thread, unfortunately! :( When I'm searching for a thread, I try to remember a key word(s) and if lucky I might also remember the name of a member who contributed to it --
@Shoshana - am tagging you here because I forgot to tag you in the above reply - I learned some months ago that tagging someone in an edited post does not generate an alert - for an alert to be generated, you have to do the tag in the original post (which you quite likely already know! :))


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Wow @RebeccaRe that one pan Mexican quinoa looks tasty. I haven't got the ingredients for that right now but am having quinoa cooked with some curried lentil stew left over from last night. Again that's a "just throw stuff in the pan and wait 20 minutes" dinner.
Quinoa is so versatile, and is full of protein. So quinoa with beans is quite a high protein meal.


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Seattle, WA USA
Many foods can be cooked whole, and then after having been cooked and they are softer, then, they can either be cut or chopped more easily, or put into the blender, then.

This is brilliant! Definitely need to remember this.

My way of eating healthy is always have frozen meat portions, a box of organic salad greens in the fridge, and a bag of frozen vegetables in the freezer. Then nuts to graze on. My best friend often has to cook the meat for me as I usually can't. My biggest mistake is cooking myself, then I am unable to portion out individual servings and freeze. I also rely (on weekends) on frozen meals like quiche, fritata, Amys curry or Thai bowls...

Every time I read these threads, I am stunned how much some of you are able to do. But then, I work full time which is the reason why I am physically unable to do much on the weekend. I probably could do more if I stayed home I guess... But still I'm shocked how much some can do!

Someone recently suggested I try a mandoline slicer to help make chopping a bit easier, has anyone tried one?

Just a little warning... I tried a mandolin once back when I was much stronger than I am now, like about 8-10 years ago. I thought it sounded like a great idea. I sliced my fingertip off. And I was using the pusher properly. It is a very tiring process. If you slice lots with a knife, invest in a small food processor. SAVE YOUR FINGERS! My mandolin now sits in the basement, I really should send it to the thrift store. I only used it that one time. Thankfully my fingertip and fingernail grew back normal. Nerves are still regrowing, but doing much better. They are NOT easy for us muscle challenged people.