Meals when cooking is out of the question

The meal I eat most often is pasta with cheese and peas. I throw in frozen peas with the pasta while it's cooking, then drain the pasta and peas and mix them with shredded cheddar cheese (the cheese melts with the heat of the pasta). It's one less pot to wash than making separate tomato sauce. (Sometimes I use butter and a bit of parmesan cheese instead of the cheddar.)

Other things I eat that are easy to make:

Poached eggs on toast (sometimes with a slice of cheese on top; the heat of the cooked egg melts it somewhat).

Canned cannelini beans: I dump them into a colander to rinse them, then put them in a bowl and dress them with oil, red wine vinegar, and salt (no cooking).

Sauteed frozen veggies (many people have mentioned frozen veggies, which are great, since washing and cutting fresh veggies is a major task). I usually do okra and peas. You have to stay at the stove to stir them a bit, but it only takes about 5 minutes. If you have the energy to tend to the stove a bit longer, tofu with frozen vegetables is not too bad to make (I usually get a stir-fry mix, so I can just throw it in).

When I can't manage the stove, pots, and dishes, I make a quesadilla in the toaster oven: just put some chunks of cheddar cheese on two tortillas and toast them. Then stick them together when you take them out.It doesn't even dirty the plate. (A melted cheese sandwich is also an obvious choice, and I find it a satisfying meal. If I'm still hungry I just make another one.)

If I have a bit more energy, I might make a soup by just sauteeing some onions, adding a small can of tomato sauce, then water and frozen veggies and canned beans. (Having to tend to the onions as they're sauteeing, plus having to cut them up beforehand, can be a bit of a task for us...). I also add chopped garlic and some cumin. The advantage is you can make a lot, and it's not bad even cold.

I also eat nuts, as others have mentioned. Walnuts and peanuts are not as hard to chew. And I eat crackers a lot, like wheat thins.

I'm a vegetarian so none of these suggestions include meat.


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In case it would help someone, a revival of this thread. :)

For me, food when I absolutely cannot cook (though this food plan does require a bit of food prep):

Canned organic chicken
Canned organic wild-caught fish

My version of steak tartare with:
Raw egg yolks
Raw ground, organic, 100% grass-fed beef
Butter, good salt, and organic pepper, perhaps some organic chives
Black tea.

Organic, 100% grass-fed yoghurt: cow, sheep, or goat
Organic, 100% grass-fed cream, a couple of soft cheeses: mascarpone, queso fresco, etc.

Frozen vegetables, when thawed out can be dipped in yoghurt or sour cream.
Organic lettuce.
A few canned, organic vegetables.
A peeled pear, now and then.
Some blueberries.

Gelatin creams. Usually made with vanilla and stevia. Have been experimenting with glycine and inositol as the sweetener lately, which I like.

Homemade ice cream: heavy cream, egg yolks, and vanilla extract. Stevia and/or glycine/inositol as sweetener.

Perhaps some organic rice cakes

Secondary, once-in-while, treats:
Unsweetened, organic carob chips
Organic bread made from rice, or rarely, almond


If one can manage a little cooking:
Hard boiled eggs
Rennet custard

Those are the items that come to mind for a no-cooking food plan, for me. :)
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Those are the items that come to mind for a no-cooking food plan, for me. :)
This thread has some great ideas.

Most days: this takes up the whole day. Eating, thinking about eating, wondering what will I eat, begging for food to appear via Immaculate Conception. Since food= suspect and bloodsugar= erratic...this is almost every hour. I live in a town with zero access to Discount Food. Its max retail here.

This update is good: much more in line with foods I can have....ya'll have much more tolerant bellies than I apparently.

I think : open the can of Cannelli Beans, apply salt and vinegar: wins first place for Recipe Suggestions (anything with vinegars will hurt my mouth, so its not an option oh well).

Amy's entrees: I ate exclusively for dinner for about 7 years: lost 45 pounds. I can never again eat an Amy's entree. And that generated the Cumin Aversion.

Most of my food must be cooked not raw. So the dishes are constantly accumulated. They are all mine. Husband won't wash mine.

Husband will bring me food from the deli at our local market which at least tastes good. But food ruts keep happening and subsequent food aversions set in . The delicious chile rellenos ARENT anymore . He does not read expiration dates. He dares not bring back experimental food.

Currently, I'm also living on some Egg Flower Soup. Produced in Inglewood California, clearly made by people who know how to cook. Hats off to Inglewood (but husband, please note the expiration date, and Oh no, what if I eat it for the next Seven Years.

I am seriously considering: find somebody to come here and cook one after noon a week.

Rufous McKinney

Will Take Care of All That For You!
Does anyone care to admit how often they burn things? Or otherwise Cognitively Impair: the resulting foods?

My pot of lentil soup: the lentils never softened. And I begged a friend for her lentil soup recipe, to no avail.
do not take for granted: if you can actualy cook edible foods.