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MAO A advice or experiences?

Hi Cobain. I've lived with the "warrior" effects of MAO, or rather the "psychopath gene" or "violence gene", as labelled in a TED talk. I always thought my over-reactivity and angry outbursts were due to family conditioning. My over-reactivity has been helped by a number of things over the past couple years. Removing gluten and dairy, adding the correct minerals and TMG, adding v low dose lithium, as suggested by Yasko. I've used 4 of Yasko's RNA drops: bowel inflammation, CBS, leaky gut, and MAO. After 4-6 months, it's the MAO I continue to self-test + for 5 drops/day. The others I'm now using a drop 2x week, the CBS 2 drops when I eat meat in meal.

It took me about a year from getting my genetic results to understand that MAO had something to do w/ histamines. This has been v significant. I now use a range of things to compensate for histamines, plus a low histamine diet. There's a lot of info at lowhistaminechef.com. Improving methylation certainly improves the ability to deal w/ histamines. However, I now understand that this will likely not just go away when I get everything right. It might be less severe. Presently I'm less distressed by histamine reactions than I've been for the decade of my illness. Best to you, ahmo

Hi Ahmo, you mentioned that you take RNA drops for MAO A ++ mutation? How well does this work? I have tried Respen A but the side effects outweighed the positives.