Managing Potassium Deficiency - Share your experience

I think I'm starting to get Potassium deficiency symptoms.

I had been drinking lots of carrot juice in order to prevent K deficiency. This perhaps had been working, but I eventually started to look like the Donald - an orange tinge appeared on my skin. So I backed off on the carrot juice. Recently I started to have palpitations and I immediately thought potassium. Downed some carrot juice (who cares about having orange skin when your heart's going doolally) and they seemed to get better.

Has anybody experienced neck pain from K deficiency? It feels like if I move then my head might fall off. Kinda where the back meets the neck at the spine.

Gonna start crushing up 3 99mg potassium glyconate pills into water and down it. Pain in the bum on top of everything else I take. Plus it's still nowhere near the carrot juice amount!