Managing Potassium Deficiency - Share your experience

Thanks Freddd.

Having now read the thread, it seems like the question has been asked about potassium affecting B12 absorption, as well as methylfolate. No-one chimed in with any immediately obvious reasoning behind that.

Has anyone any personal experience with potassium interfering with either B12 or methyfolate, if both are taken orally?

@ahmo: when do you take your folate / B12 with respect to your footbaths, please?

@Lotus97: you mention the interference in another thread - can you shed any light here?

Ideally, I can stick Me / Ad B12 & folate in sublingually and drink potassium gluconate solution all day without any problems. Guess I'll have to get myself at a constant level and try it.

The reason I'm asking is because the timing creates problems for me. I would like to achieve the clarity that B12 & folate give as early as possible during the day, and waiting around for potassium is inconvenient...

Possibly I'm not far along enough in the process yet. Maybe a little further down the road, I'll be leaping out of bed first thing in the morning, brimming with energy.

Ho hum... Just found another thread with a similar, unanswered, question. I won't hold my breath.
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Has anyone any personal experience with potassium interfering with either B12 or methyfolate, if both are taken orally?
It's never been a problem for me, that I'm aware of. I've been taking potassium gluconate with methylcobalamin and methylfolate since 2010. Freddd's posts were a lifesaver for me, because starting methylfolate caused my potassium levels to tank, creating severe fatigue. And if I had been unaware of the potential for my potassium to drop, I would have had to stop the methylfolate, which I badly needed.

I take Solgar metafolin with breakfast and lunch, and I take sublingual liquid methylcobalamin a.m. and p.m. And I take potassium gluconate with each meal and before bed and in the middle of the night. It used to be very common for me to get foot/leg cramps during the night until I started taking potassium.

eta: it is possible that I would absorb the metafolin better if taken apart from potassium, but I've never read about this before and so don't know if it's really an issue.
Hi Tima,

Here is an up to date copy of the most recent versions of important items.

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I and some thousands of others have healed ourselves to various extents with this and perhaps other variations of B12/folate treatments. I can't speak for any doctors or their patients
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