M.A.D About ME/CFS Group Forms


Phoenix Rising Founder
The M.A.D. Group was formed in response to a potentially pivotal event that will occur shortly; the Oct 29th/30th CFSAC meeting at which the CDC will present its Five Year plan for ME/CFS.

The first project of the group is creating a strong voice for change in the CDC's CFS research program at the Oct. 29/30th CFSAC meeting. With patients, support groups and researchers united this meeting has the potential to become an epochal event in ME/CFS history. Dr. Jason has called it the biggest event in 25 years. We intend to do our best to make it so.

If you're interested in making a difference in the biggest research program on the planet you can join the group at



Thanks Cort, I'm all for being as much a support for this event as possible. Can you link me to more info on this and how I can be more involved and helpful.