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L-Theanine slows methylation? Reduces muscle pain?

So I’ve been steadily improving with methylation treatment for 6 months now but have struggled with anxiety and waking with racing thoughts/anxiety. So after doing more research, I started taking L-Theanine and PharmaGaba. @caledonia and @ahmo and @Mary all had great suggestions about getting better sleep in general (as well as others I’m forgetting I’m sure)!

Now I sleep better than I have in five years!!! I have a Fitbit and apparently am getting at least 1 hr 20 min deep sleep each night which is more than I’ve gotten since I started keeping track, and I actually feel refreshed in the morning.

I notice within minutes of taking L-Theanine that any shoulder tenseness dissipates. However, muscle twitching has started again, which usually means I’m undermethylating and need more B12 (like when I take too much Niacin).

Does L-Theanine slow methylation? Should I back off from it? I just can’t find any correlation online but don’t want to miss something important!

I also take 1,800 potassium gluconate to help with shoulder/neck tightness. But this L-Theanine relaxes my shoulders so much more! Thanks!
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It might be something with GABA receptors or the other neurotransmitters like dopamine/serotonin?
Also I found some literature that said it did something with the kynurenine pathway, but I'm not sure if that's related to what you are experiencing after taking it.
@tiredowl Thank you! I will look into that pathway. I did genetic testing and I’m curious if I have any SNPs in that pathway.

@bjl218 I do take the magnesium calm powder and magnesium glycinate as well as Epsom salt baths. But I will try upping them. Magnesium could be used for healing more now that I’m sleeping more. Or some other effect. Thank you!