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Keeping a master list of all abnormal results in my case


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This isn't exactly fitting to that thread , maybe I should make a new thread for post fusion chsnges. But anyway, pre fusion, my BP ran high, sometimes hypertensive, sometimes only pre hypertensive, often worse at doctors but still not normal all the time at home, and I had something like hyperadrenergic pots. I took guanfacine for sleep but also to keep the BP sort of normal and even then it was often high. Post fusiin, my BP dramatically lowered . to the extent that it can be as high as 120/80 without any meds but since I still need to take guanfacine to sleep it often is as low as 90/50. It got so low in hospital they could not give me pain meds despite me needing them occasionally and I found it wild bc I've never had the problem of overly low BP before. Of course a lot of that was guanfacine exaggerating it but in the prior year I've taken guanfacine and have never had a pressure under about 110/70. And even then not often, the average was more like 130/90 . this seems like a big development t. I still feel like there may be vertigo or ortho static symptoms and worst case scenario it could be due to problem with the fusion or lower instability, best case just some lingering issues with orthostatic stuff that haven't fully cleared up