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Is m.e. yet another form of EDS?


Senior Member
I think we cannot rule out norovirus as a possible contributer to ME.

I guess we cannot entirely rule it out, but at present there is zero evidence that norovirus can trigger ME/CFS, and zero evidence that norovirus is forming chronic infections in ME/CFS patients.

Not only that, but to my knowledge, there is zero evidence that norovirus is linked to any chronic disease, period.

So norovirus does not appear to be a virus that can cause chronic diseases. The only possible exception is a theoretical link to Crohn's disease, but I don't think there is at present any empirical evidence for such a link.

Compare that to enterovirus, which is linked to many chronic diseases, including: ME/CFS, type 1 diabetes, dilated cardiomyopathy, Parkinson's, motor neuron disease, Sjogren's syndrome, valvular heart disease and others.

So enterovirus is the sort of virus which can cause chronic diseases of all kinds. Same with Epstein-Barr virus, it is linked to several chronic diseases and cancers. Norovirus however does not appear to be linked to any chronic disease.