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"I couldn't get out of bed for eight months - now I'm a burlesque stripper"


Senior Member
Oh, dear! Burlesque journalism. Soft porn struggling to achieve status of news story.

"Diagnosed with stress and
ME, she barely had the energy to make a cup of tea, and struggled to get out of bed for eight months."
"But her downward spiral was halted thanks to her alter ego -
burlesque dancer Briar Rouge."
"One day, watching videos of other people dancing, she decided her life had been in the doldrums for long enough."
Recalling how she felt getting back up on stage, Becky said: 'It was nerve wracking but exciting. I wasn't as fit as I'd been before but it was liberating to be on stage again. I felt alive.'"
"I'm doing all sorts of exciting things now and, in an odd way, I owe it to the bullies from school. They made me look for a way to escape and I found it in burlesque."


PR activist
Here's the cure folks:

But, one day, watching videos of other people dancing, she decided her life had been in the doldrums for long enough.

She said: "I got jealous, seeing videos of other people doing it.

"I was frightened that I wouldn't have the courage to do burlesque again, but, finally, I took the bull by the horns and brought Briar Rouge back to life."

One evening she brought out a pair of feathered fans to do a routine in a bar that was holding a cabaret night.

Now, although Becky is not completely cured, her ME only flares up every two or three months – lasting at most for a couple of days.

Stripping to replace CBT as the treatment and cure for ME

I am too disgusted to even be disgusted.

Large Donner

Senior Member
Hahaha, I am duly chastened, Valentjin.

Large Donner: and you gave it up to have ME?

Justy: no I haven´t, but i will do so right now.

Yes, I gave up for the benefit rewards and lounging around all day, I do however sleep in an enormous champagne glass.

Justy I am duly shocked, and as for you and the tassels msf they are not needed however....you can leave your hat on.