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"I couldn't get out of bed for eight months - now I'm a burlesque stripper"


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My knowledge of manga comes from my now grown daughter. She watched Inuyasha. Other than that the only manga I'm familiar with is YU GI Oh. I even played the card game with my son back in the day.
But for real overcoming superheroes how about. . .
I cured my ME by becoming a Powerpuff Girl

I have no idea what they save the world from.


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I can't read the rest of the article (will be too annoyed :mad:) but the comments in this thread cracked me up :lol: and I couldn't resist posting a picture from the Full Monty since I love that movie and haven't seen Magic Mike.

I am sure this recovery story will soon be on Cort's website as @RL_sparky said...
Yeah right. Actually it won't.

Another recovery story for Cort's website I see.
Actually it won't.

There are lots of different recovery stories on the website but we don't have any from burlesque stripper who just decided one day to get better and hopped out of bed. Instead most stories involve people who have ill for years and finally stumbled on some way of getting better - sometimes in surprising ways.

The criteria is simply that the person appears to be legitimate, has tried a variety of options and finally better. Otherwise I don't self-select recovery stories out based on the type of treatments used. Why? Because if someone recovered doing "X" it's possible another person will find help that way.
Of course, the best way to defeat the old fashioned mind/body dualism is to just remove the body altogether. And what have you got to lose? Apart from the obvious...
@worldbackwards I fantasized about becoming a cyborg for years... This dream was shattered when I read "Why isn't my brain working? A revolutionary understanding of brain decline and effective strategies to recover your brain's health" by Datis Kharrazian - I discovered that (depressingly, yet fascinatingly) they found the brain can continue to send pain signals long after the physical source of the pain is gone (what causes "phantom limb syndrome") and thus, I could literally be without a body and still be in constant pain!!

sigh. Another dream crushed...