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Hydrogen Rich Water for ME/CFS - Friedberg Pilot Study


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any suggestions how to make that hole in the cork? would a regular needle be ok?
I don't know about piercing corks, I use shot test tubes (designed for drinking alcohol), which are very cheap on places like eBay, and often have a plastic top which is easy to pierce with a needle.

given I am using rod, how often would i have to change these rods?
I think with the rod of the size you have, it would make at least 60 batches of hydrogen-rich water. Your rod will weigh about 35 grams, and you can count on about 0.5 grams of magnesium being used up with each batch.

Be careful not to place more than around 3 grams of citric acid into the tube, as the more citric acid you have, the higher the pressure that builds up.

With 3 grams of citric, you reach about 6 or 7 atmospheres of pressure. If you start going to higher pressures, you find your plastic bottle starts to stretch and bloat out in a disconcerting way! Then if you reach 12 atm or so, it will actually burst (although when a plastic bottle bursts, it's not particularly dangerous).

Hows your hydrogen water experiment going? are you still getting benefits?
I only take it when I get those days of stress and emotional sensitivity, when I find hydrogen-rich water rapidly helps. I think this is because the hydrogen-rich water acts on the hypothalamus, which is a center for emotion and stress.

hmnr asg

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thank you @Hip

I will report back with my experiment. But I feel like this hydrogen thing will also stop working after a while like most things that have benefited me in the past.
Bread - I have a great bullshit detector. I've spent more $$ than my house over decades trying to get well. As I said in lengthy post above - it may be helpful for one slice of the total pie of our health. And it may, like iodine and MSM, be foundational for cellular health. BUT that may just be my individual deficiencies. (Although, IIRC, hydrogen has the most studies of any other molecule - so there is something intriguing about it.)

That being said, I am dealing with horrible vascular issues so it makes sense that I am getting help with H2. If you don't have vascular issues, you may not see any improvement. The $19 bottle of 30 tablets from Mercola on Amazon is but a pittance compared to other money I've spent throwing down the Well-of-Hope-That-it-Works.

Just this year alone, again throwing money at this horrible "syndrome", out of shear desperation, I've dumped over $4-5k on sups, diagnostic testing, and treatments (that doesn't include probably double that $ in things that insurance has covered). NOTHING has had the effect that $19 of H2 has had. - Again, my main problem right now is vascular (and probably connective tissue).

I'm dosing 3-4 tablets a day and will start taking every other Saturday off - maybe every Saturday.
Hi can you send a link of where you found the $19 of H2? Would love to try some. Tysm :)
I have also bought a Hydrogen generator mini bottle, a cheap one, from China and I am kind of hesitant to try it because it has some platinum electrolyte sheets and I do not want to intoxicate with platinum even though it may do no harm...


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thanks for sharing this! I am interested in giving it a try. will do try tablets before I try anything else.

I wondering for any of you that have insomnia did this make it worse............. better? thanks