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GcMAF trial


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Hi cort, this is the definition given in some of Yamamoto's studies:

Gc1F protein was purified using 25-hydroxyvitamin D3-affinity chromatography [Link et al., 1986]. Stepwise incubation of the purified Gcprotein with immobilized bgalactosidase and sialidase yielded probably the most potent macrophage activating factor (GcMAF) ever discovered

The molecular structure of GcMAF is identical to thatof the native human MAF

Gc protein carries one trisaccharide composed of N-acetylgalactosamine with dibranched galactose and sialic acid termini at 420 threonine residue [Yamamoto and Homma, 1991; Yamamoto, 1993, 1996; Yamamoto and Kumashiro, 1993]. Stepwise hydrolysis of Gc protein with the inducible membranous b-galactosidase (Bgli) of inflammation- primed (or lyso-Pc-treated) B lymphocytes and the Neu-1 sialidase of T lymphocytes yields the macrophage activating factor (MAF)

Hope this help...
Hi, Redo
explained very well and good links to it.


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This seems enomous sense - going straight to the root of the problem. Looking forward to trial results.


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I am hiv +.
I bought a MAF Noakes GC. A disaster. My CD4 count has declined. and raised my CD8. NOT GOOD! My viral load has increased. Not good. I stopped therapy MAF GC. I'm afraid. Noakes of the staff there is only one doctor who gives answers about hiv wikipedia copy.
Noakes is honest but I think STAFF DID NOT.
His maf gc is not to Yamamoto. I do not think that question of price. NO. The treatment can be inexpensive and good. But the MAF CG has several isotopes. I follow the debate here, but I did not understand anything about what happened between Noakes and Christel.
What happened? Too many different nicknames, and strange coincidences.
I wait. Augh
Ciao accaivu2,

Spero che sia appropriato per tradurre il tuo post di inglese qui.


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southeast US
I'm not medically trained so it could be this is already obvious to all, but doesn't this indicate that those most sensitive to Vit D will benefit most from GcMAF treatment? The texts above that bb/FF genotypes elicit most response, that bb/FF alleles are also most sensitive to Vit D, leads to that conclusion for a layman. Did I miss something?


Is the term "sensitive" meaning a positive or negative response to VD?


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VDR is the Vit D receptor, so it binds to Vit D, and the mutation indicates a defect in that gene which spells trouble with Vit D. "Sensitive" is a bit vague.


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I can imagine many replies to this, but I'll just state 2 points.

You people criticize this compound in regards to your selfish quazi-illness when there are TRULY sick people

This shows your utter ignorance of what CFS is (which stemmed from your arrogance in thinking you know what it is when you don't). Calling CFS a "quazi-illness" and us not "TRULY sick" makes you no better than Simon Wesseley et al.

2. Where are these people that you said have criticized GcMAF on the thread?

Oh yeah, and boy did I love this sentence: "90% of CFS is in the brain (inflammation), you people are otherwise healthy." So having an inflamed brain is no biggie. On what science is this based on exactly?


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Dear "TheCleverOne",

If English were my first language, I would really answer to each of your more than unfortunate comments...Because I cannot do it as I'd like to (unless you speak Spanish --then please tell me!), I'll just say that I think that your nickname is a veeeeeeeeery funny euphemism...You should consider to change it, really...



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After reading through this thread, I am APPALLED to see such a bunch of selfish, and misinformed people criticize this treatment from such angles.

I see that this is your first post "Clever One."

1) You have successfully broken most of the rules of this forum...and on your very first post--this is indeed clever! :eek:

2) Your research is not up to date--there are many posting on the GcMAF threads are way ahead of you and their posts are supported by top researchers and clinicians. Do some more homework and if you choose to post again, back up your hypotheses....with tact! :rolleyes: Debate is welcome, attacks are not!

This is a forum where we pull together to help each other, not rip apart others healing protocols.

If you don't post in this spirit, you won't find yourself welcome here.

Take Care!



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australia (brisbane)
so do we thinkcleverone is a psychiatrist worried about losing his cliental so wanting to try and keep cfs in the stone age theory of it being depression even though there is ample evidence of infection and immune system abnormalities. Not all cfs resembles an autoimmune state but more of an immunodefiency state with many studies showing poor natural killer cell function and chronic infections. With one post under his belt it seems suspicious, alot like someone who use to be on prohealth board until they were band as they were constantly trying to cause drama's, yes i think its more like that person then someone with formal qualifications like a psychobabbler.


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Way to go on your first post, cleverone. And way to get anyone to listen to your POV by opening with
"I am APPALLED to see such a bunch of selfish, and misinformed people" and then follow up with
calling CFS a "quazi-illness."
[sic] Endearing intro!

As has been mentioned above, you have managed to break pretty much every rule that you inherently agreed to follow by posting here, but since it is your first post, I shall refrain from reporting you to a moderator. However I shall not refrain from observing that

1) I have yet to meet any true "former" CFS sufferers who would refer to it as a quasi-illness
2) It is rare to encounter a true medical researcher with such an appalling (to use your word) grasp on spelling and the correct placement of commas.
3) You have managed, in one post, to exhibit many of the attributes that define an internet troll, and that will not be tolerated here.

If narcissistic attention-seeking was your goal--mission accomplished! If demeaning people who are trying to create a sense of community while they hash out the myriad complexities of their common illness gives you a hard-on, you might want to seek psychiatric counselling yourself.
hi guys!!!
i'm an hiv+ guy .... anyone knows where is possible to get the real Yamamoto GCmaf... even is is more expensive!
tks to all
Sofa, UK
AHCY-01 variance is probably due to ethnicity of population studied

For anyone following the GcMAF threads, I've created a new thread specifically for analysis of the data in the spreadsheet based on the genetic testing:


I'm afraid that my analysis in the last day or so has uncovered a serious flaw in that data, which rather undermines the strength of the whole dataset. What I've found is that the variation found in the AHCY-01 gene is explained by ethnic variance, as shown by the datasets at the bottom of this page:


Very disappointed that this is the result of my investigations - I was hoping to find something much more positive - but it is what it is...I think the data are so clear that I don't see how I can be wrong about this, much as I'd like to be...


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"TheCleverOne" is obviously a trolling ignorant dumbass! Needs to be completely ignored. They obviously have mental issues and I would not be surprised if they create a second "member name" to engage in supportive dialog with themselves.

Don't get frustrated (although I know it is hard not too) as that is their sole purpose of being on here. I don't even think I would give them the benefit of possibly being a psychiatrist, on the other hand they are very much in need of one!

I hope everyone will keep going with this thread as it is probably the best example of what a forum thread should be. I've learned an enormous amount of info following this thread and if I have I'm sure others have.