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Funding our research


Senior Member
Logan, Queensland, Australia
I may be a bit biased, but Dr Kogelnik has got to have the most exciting research program and collaboration right now. His OMIE- Merit project will come live soon and an announcement is overdue but coming.

You can watch the DVD from Invest in ME 2012 for his presentation if you have them (you can buy them for 30$ and all proceeds go to research.

Hi Kati, of up and running projects I agree, Kogelnik's is probably the most promising. I do think that a large careful Rituximab trial in Norway would be better, but its not ready to go and lacks funding. There are however a number of interesting projects - perhaps more than at any other time in ME research history. Bye, Alex


Senior Member
When i made this thread i only wanted one thing i wanted amazing good people in this page to participate in a study after we funds it, I wanted a big study using treatment like alex want and search for pathogens in our bodies and i hope we can do that