Evidence the cause of ME/CFS is in the kidneys: my experiments targeting my kidneys with bacterial biofilm-destroying ultrasound


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Has anyone else got cysts on their kidneys? I had an MRI for lower back pain and large simple cysts were discovered - particularly on my right kidney. I am still awaiting a CT scan. I have all the usual frequent urination etc problems and severe M.E.
I do have them
I have a rescheduled CT scan in a couple of weeks for my kidney cysts. Some alternative herbalists suggest they may be a result of parasite activity and cysts seem to show up in people with later stage Lyme. Perhaps there might be something in the initial Marcov theory...


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I have a cyst discovered further down UTI based. The MRI of my spine didn't cover my kidneys so I don't think that has ever been checked by anything.


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the body generally tries to wall off bacterial infections or "other" material inside the body that it cant get rid of (including parasites etc) a slow growing bacterial biofilm colony would be a good example of something which might be expected to trigger this. so cysts in that area could be consistent with Markov's theory.


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While bacteria are in their biofilm state they are highly resistant to anti-biotics. However when they are broken up they should be much less resistant to them and without the biofilm they tend to replicate and become vulnerable to antibiotics. Just breaking the biofilm may not be enough and you need to hit them with something antibacterial in nature once they put into a vulnerable state. I think what is likely is killing the bacteria is regardless going to make you feel bad because its going to release a bunch of toxins, to some extent I suspect clearing something like this is going to be brutally unpleasant but needs doing multiple times a day to break up the formations and keep them in a soup of antibacterials to stop them replicating and reforming their biofilm.

Interestingly EGCG is considered an anti biofilm component, which of the Liesk supplements is one of the more effective ones for me.

Some reading on various mechanims know to break down biofilms and how to kill the bacteria (Hip has probably read this but I found it interesting): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5955472/

That is an excellent, interesting link, @BrightCandle. I think I haven't paid enough attention to biofilm. The study lists some things that are easy to incorporate into any protocol, such as tannins and EGCG from tea.