Each hormone deficiency is associated with a distinct kind of fatigue. I had them all.


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Dec. 14. my ACTH test.

Arrival 7:30 AM, no medication for 24 hours - no food and nor liquid for 12 hours (except water without carbon).
7:40 AM catheter left arm set after 2nd attempt.
7:45 AM blood pressure test: sys 196
Dr. - no blood draw until blood pressure down to are least 160.
8:10 AM blood pressure SYS 157
Blood draw failed – blood clot blocked blood flow. Blood draw not possible even after several flush out.
8 :15 AM Second catheter in right arm. Blood draw okay and ACTH injected.
20 min waiting for ACTH reaction.
Reaction: Metal/ether taste in mouth and nose and very bad migraine. Nausea inner vibration/shaking began.
I suggested the possibility of low blood sugar.
8:35 AM Blood sugar test: 60
Glucose IV for 10 min and 2nd ACTH blood draw and another sugar test: 75
30 Min waiting while laying down.
9:10 AM Blood draw for last ACTH, not possible blood clot blocked blood flow: new catheter in hand.
Blood pressure sys 145, blood sugar test: 100
9:40: AM Last blood sugar test 95
Blood pressure laying down sys 126
Blood pressure sitting sys 176
Blood pressure standing sys 198
Was not allowed to leave. Dr. recommended to be brought to a hospital. I declined and explained that I know all these symptoms incl. thrombosis problems since sepsis in 2016. Finally, home at 11 am.
Sleep for 4 hours. Still exhausted.
Blood pressure sitting sys 128,
blood sugar 92.

Test results from Dec. 14. View attachment 46342
Thanks for sharing. To me this seems like a hypothalamic thing. You might want to get an insulin stimulation test to test whether ACTH rises properly.