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Do you fear agoraphobia?


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i think we have all felt this way at one time or another, yes i feared that i had a fear of going out. but i know when i think about it that i love to go out, i just can't take all the noise & motion. so i do it rarely, but on the days i feel well enough i totally enjoy it. :)
what the worst part is for me is losing friends. they just don't seem to want to talk unless you want to join them in some outing.


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I'm having more irrational fears from being at home so much. I have to go away this weekend and I'm already nervous about it. I worry my animals will get sick, the house will burn down or get robbed while I'm away. I've always had these feelings to some extent but I'm so rarely away now that it's got worse. An over attachment to the house. I don't have it if I go out to do errands, only if it's an overnight absence.

Re: Sensory Overload. This is going to sound very strange because I have problems with chemical sensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity as well as light and noise (certain sounds anyway) sensitivity. The grocery store is a difficult trip, especially because it involves standing/walking. BUT I can go to the casino and not get really sick. Maybe PEM the next day but I get that from any activity. I can have a bad headache or be really tired and feel sick going in and actually feel better when I leave. That makes absolutely no sense except I think because I get a 'rush' and I'm so memorized by all the lights/sounds (I zone out). Like a sensory overload overload. I am the type of person who can just lose all sense of time and space in there.