Diagnostic for reduced calcium in cells

Hey folks,

As we know, there's a lot of chatter about links between ME/CFS and long COVID. However, today I was surprised to read that a research team in QLD are looking into whether their ME/CFS diagnostic test (yes, diagnostic test) and treatment (double yes) will also work for long COVID patients.

I don't do a great job of keeping up on all this stuff, but this has blown me away. Is there really a diagnostic test? Is it available to the general public (even if I have to pay for it myself)?

After reading the article, I thought hey maybe I could get an RBC calcium test, but I'd be shocked if it was that simple.

Does anyone know about this?

vision blue

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I did not know about it but going to the link you provided, i didnt see anything to make one think that not getting calcium into cells is the ground zero of cfs derangements when cfs seems to have dozens of derangements. Guess that claim could be argued elsewhere tho and not in the interview.