Crawley: How to deal with anti-science BRS2017

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I don't know about you, but I find this offensive, and potentially libellous.

I worked very hard to gain my degree and was on course to be ..........................(huge shame!.......but one can be permitted a little foolishness in youth ;)) a psychologist............:oops::lol::aghhh::redface::redface:.........when ME struck.

I was not hanging round street corners for my next fix as suggested in EC's slide

I was never a criminal.

I did not live in a slum.

I did not indulge in bad relationships.

Ye, but we all know you used to play tennis in a miniskirt and open toed fashion statement shoes. I'm not sure what that means but its definitely linked to ME.
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Have any of the listeners even contemplated for a moment -- to what end?
Why would so many sick people be going to such lengths to stop (supposedly) helpful science into their illness?
What is there to be gained?
Is the explanation here mass hysteria?
How is that justified?


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Her presentation is ridiculous and unscientific. Patiënts, doctors and Tuller et al. should file a complaint against her. If it were cancer patients, she would be fired. I hope parents don't bring their children to this psychoquacker. She is dangerous for the health of really sick children. Also her tactic is red herring for the Pace debacle. Her tactic is red herring to cover up the Pace trial and CBT failure. She makes a lot of money out of this scam.
no you have to save them. it doesn't do automatically.
Yeah, it does do it automatically.

From the FAQ,
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