Coffee for insomnia and restless legs, why ?


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Watermelon never really agrees with me. When I have seen TCM doctors in the past, I'm usually advised to avoid cooling foods, raw foods, etc. Maybe that has something to do with it. Haven't tried lemon water specifically for headaches, but I've had it before and it seems fine in general.
Yes no cooling foods for me too.and fruits make me mentally unstable.lemon water first thing in the morning cleanses your liver.Ah well I m down to 4 foods and can t do/try all those beneficial stuff.


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So the last 2 weeks i could not sleep at all and dealing with severe restless legs again,which drives me insane.

One Night around 2 o Clock i just felt like having breakfast already .i have food and drug intolerances,but i can tolerate one cup of coffee in the mornung .

So after having the coffee in the middle of the night,i could fall asleep deeply and the Restless legs stopped completely.I have done this 3 times in the last 2 weeks and i can sleep like a baby with the coffee

All i could find about this phenomenon is the dopamin release , paradox effects on an ADHD brain and that elderly drink coffee for sleep for some reasons.or it's just me reacting paradox to everything.

Anyone else with this experience

Well,of course I don t want to become dependant on coffee for sleep ,but in severe insomnia phases good to know it helps
it may be the result of Adenosine A2R inhibition by coffee