Chronic infection that you might have never heard about: "ropeworm"


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@Art Vandelay and @Prefect have you dived deeper into the issue since your messages, any updates? Do you have any experience with coffee enemas? As usually after them people discover the whole thing. Would be nice if someone else, at least one person on PR will recognize it as a real issue for it to be further researched together. I never seen so many motivated/sceintific oriented/knowledgeable people in one place anywhere else.

Would also appreciate any feedback on this as I'm completely out of ideas even on how to further navigate the whole thing.

S boulardii has really started to kick the hell out of me. I began taking it again recently, as it's thought to bind gliotoxins from the gut. According to Dr Neil Nathan NAC , bentonite clay, and s. boulardii all remove gliotoxin. They all produce extreme fatigue in me, though the s. boulardii is by far the most intense (most intense fatigue of my entire illness) and goes on for days as it works its way through my system.

I'm coming across more talk about parasites these days from people dealing with a lot of the same issues as I am. One such example can be read in the following article. And Bryan Rosner is just one example of the patient who goes from believing Lyme is their main problem, to learning about mold exposure and toxicity and colonization, and then on to parasites... Thebetterhealthguy would be another. I'm not saying I agree with all their reasoning as well as some of the doctors they follow but I'm quite sure they're onto something.

Look into mimosa pudica as an anti-parasitic, I've read it described as a "gut scrubber," it's apparently very well-tolerated (I believe it's used as a sort of super-food in some parts), and some say it can be taken long term. I've also heard it can remove parasites whole, which may release less toxins and be easier.

Rosner describes killing parasites as an incredibly toxic and difficult undertaking. He suggests doing a certain amount of mold avoidance and liver detox before beginning. Binders, bitters, phase two detox, etc. these are some of the things I'd look into.
I've read your history and a lot of what you've written in your symptoms list sounds like what I've been experiencing. How do you react to having alcohol?
havent tried drinking since i noticed the fibers, but a few months back when i tried drinking it caused my neurological symptoms such as extreme anhedonia, sensation loss, and this gross sensation that i can only describe as my frontal lobe “rotting” would get immensely worse. i havent had the urge to try drinking again because i do not want to aggravate this more.


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@Art Vandelay what you were describing- especially with it coming out through using digestive enzymes- sounds exactly like mucoid plaque

@Fuluf , that might be useful for you to read about as well- not sure in your case.

how are you both doing?