Bruxism and Odd Tension in my Body

@xebex I understand what you saying in regards to dopamine vs adderal. My experiment yesterday was almost useless- changing two things at once.

But this thread did send me over to Nemechek's site regarding coat hanger pain - which may have been a God send. I had purchased a high quality olive oil last spring, but couldn't gag down a shot of it. But I remember that I had run out of fish oil several weeks ago. Nemechek advises both fish and olive oil. I also remembered that in the past, there were times that I've started on fish oil and it was like a soothing balm to my brain.

So, I purchased some fish oil yesterday and took a few tablespoons along with some dha capsules. Then today, I've taken about 3 tablespoons of fish oil. Tomorrow I'll purchase olive oil (and rather than drinking I'll dip in focaccia with some balsamic! LOL). Anyway, I do feel better as far as tension goes. I felt less tightness this morning and afternoon, but this afternoon I tried a friend's new frequency machine, so that may have skewed this evenings results, but considering the improvement this morning and afternoon, I hope it was the fish oil. Nemechek says the oils, along with healing leaky gut, will heal the autonomic nervous system in "most" people. Of course, I think many things are in play here as he treats mainly autistic children.


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I also get this. I call it muscle anxiety.

I believe, in my particular case that it's actually caused by pain associated with a pinched (Sciatic) nerve. I don't feel the pain but I begin to get restless. It mostly happens late in the day because that's when I'm becoming fatigued. I think it also explains why I have difficulty getting to sleep (no matter what sleeping position I try, I just can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep) and staying asleep (I regularly wakeup during the night but have no idea why). And this situation is usually worse on days I've been more active -- helps explain PEM.

I've found a solution that works for me, most of the time as I'll soon explain. When it doesn't work I need help from Masseur and/or Physiotherapist.

In my case I believe the source of the problem is my left hip joint and this has kind of been confirmed by Physiotherapist using ultrasound to see muscle contractions. They found an underactive tiny muscle that sits behind the hip joint to stabilize and hold the joint together. They also believe that's the cause of my ME/CFS
and I tend to agree because nothing various medical professionals have said has ever made sense to me; I mean agreed with my lived experience.

My Physio believes that ME/CFS is caused by malfunctioning core muscle(s). After extended period of muscle fatigue (caused by virus, stressful life event, etc.) the large voluntary muscles might recover first because they have had complete rest whereas core muscles never get complete rest. [Quick explanation: the large voluntary muscles pull on bones to create movement whereas the core small (involuntary) muscles and tendons stabilize joints and prevent injury]. When such person returns to exercise too quickly the core muscles that are not sufficiently recovered will fatigue first and when such a muscle gives up (it does so without pain), the larger muscles in that area automatically take over the role of the fatigued muscle for remaining duration of exercise plus several hours thereafter (until sufficient rest is achieved). Overtime through repeating bouts of too much exercise too soon, the fatiguing core muscle(s) gets weaker and the substitute (compensating) muscles become stronger and more dominant but will always be unsuited to taking on a role for which they are not designed.

Anyway, in my case; I can often relieve it by (individually) stretching (made easier by taking a muscle relaxant) my hamstrings and whist doing that my left hip usually snaps into place. After that occurs, stand with left foot on ground and opposite on higher surface (eg. bench) then lean forward slightly and moving bum back; often results in a lessor crack sound (maybe another tendon snapping into place?). Whist in that position gently stretching the inner (left) thigh muscle prevents it happening again. So does maintaining a slight bum back + lean forward posture whilst standing -- that corrects the sway back posture that many people (myself included) fall into when they become tired from standing.

After that stretch, if I place right foot on top of left foot to hold it down and then try to pull up left foot, I sometimes hear/feel another tendon snap into place. I then repeat but with opposite foot and I sometimes hear/feel another tendon snap into place (front left groin area). After all that for good measure I stretch both hamstrings together by bending forward to touch toes and allow upper body to just hang and hold that stretch for a short time. Then remember to bend knees in order to stand back up without straining lower back.


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@xebex it is entirely possible. When I first fell ill after a virus, my GI issues were so severe, with constant nausea, and I was dreadfully emaciated. Since then, the nausea has abated and I have been able to eat again and put on weight.

Bruxism and tension can be symptoms of parasitic infection. Extreme GI issues could also point in that direction.


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For me bruxism and headaches was due to wearing a mask. I am tall and need to bend a lot to look down. Wearing a mask means I need to bend my neck even more to look down which makes my jaw move out of place. It felt like my jaw was past the point of muscular failure each day. It just got worse and worse until I finally wised up and became aware of it.
Im certain this is CNS related. Post covid I have had so many issues but also developed akathisia and this tension came with it. The akathisia has lessened but the body tension is quite severe and leaves my whole body aching.

Im afraid i'm not scientific enough to understand the dopamine / neurotransmitter link, but am wary of taking any medications anyway due to the akathisia.

If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.