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  1. B

    Poll: Do you have bruxism? A hypothesis on how bruxism may cause ME/CFS

    Bruxism is the involuntary clenching and grinding of teeth at night. The only way to know whether you have bruxism is for someone else who is sleeping with you to notice the noise, and possibly wake up themselves due to the noise of grinding. It is impossible for you to notice yourself since you...
  2. xena

    Teeth grinding / bruxism

    Hi all, has anyone been able to heal this or improve it? My partner is struggling to sleep next to me. I have gotten a night guard but it's a bit uncomfortable. I understand it can be linked to both stress and some vitamin deficiencies. I'm trying to release tension in the area before sleep...
  3. Matthew_2

    Bruxism and Odd Tension in my Body

    Has anyone ever experienced an odd tension in their bodies that causes them to habitually grind their teeth? For the last month, I have noticed that the muscles in my jaw are almost perpetually clenched. I have to make a very deliberate decision to try to release the tension. I am grinding my...