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BC-007: Successful drug against Autoantibodies helps with long COVID


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York, England
I believe that the discord group has already had it produced once and are now taking orders for a second batch.[/QUOTE]

after thinking about that a bit more, I think it's incorrect.
I’m pretty desperate at this point so if there is any possible chance to join it would be appreciated, even if it’s not being made. Shimey0148
Some update from Germany:

The phase 2 trial was now approved by German authorities. It starts Q2 2023 and should finish by the end of the year. It will be 100 subjects in multiple centers.

Regardings the copycat in China. I have no info on that but apparently the drug is quite hard to produce. Even Berlin Cures was/is having a hard time with it. I know that Berlin Cures has a patent filed on it so I guess one could look up its molecular structure but producing it might be a different beast.