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Any of you good at modifying Wikipedia?


Senior Member
Los Angeles, USA
Is there anyone here knows now to modify Wikipedia, including how to add, number, and link a bibliography reference. I'm not looking for instructions how to do it, I'm looking for someone who is able and willing to do it.


Senior Member
Sth Australia
Andrew.. many of us have tried, its a no go. It has people who have been there for YEARS who watch it and the moment someone edits they remove whatever you add (it is altered within 5-10 mins!!).

Its so bad there that things said there which look postive.. if you look at the backup links to what is said, they then actually have negative info attached (everything on there has been very careful chosen by those biased against us. At least one positive thing said there had a completely unrelated to the thing it was supposed to support, negative link attached. (sneaky way of putting more negative stuff there which goes unnoticed by most unless someone clicks the links trying to see what is behind the postive/correct statements there

I have no doubt that the insurance companies are behind this paying someone(s). Im positive too from my past dealings with it that and when certain ones were posting or changing the edits, there is one person who watches it and keeps it how it is and he is in control of more then one nic (so it makes it look like its more then one person doing this. Im sure it was the same person thou.. unless coincidentally these two people go there at the same time!! For all I know, he could have more then the two names he's using in his edits)

And if several with ME/CFS try to change it and back each others changes up.. they actually close the page down to edits!! citing edit war and taking off our info. so we still cant get the info there. Anyway.. count that page in control of the insurance companies (or someone like that).
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