Another hypnotist claims he can cure ME??? (Steven Blake)


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.... What is it you want from people like me trying to help! Please tell me what you want other than drugs as no pharmaceutical company will ever invest in finding a cure to something that is so individual.

I think we want to see lab tests showing values before and after treatment to have evidence of abnormalities becoming normalized.


P.S. For perspective, some of the best ME/CFS clinicians and researcher have been studying the pathogenesis of this disease for 18 years or more and still only partly understand it. If you get patients who have been diagnosed through the accepted criteria, such in the International Criteria, they will most likely have lab tests showing abnormalities and many are getting tested periodically to monitor their condition. So, take patients who meet the established criteria, and compare tests before and after treatment...and please post it here!


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Why is it very unlikely that I understand how ME/CFS/FMS starts and develops?

Cause many of us (hundreds) have spent the last 15 years or so trying to study that and yet still dont have the answers. Of cause that doesnt make it impossible that youve found an answer but does make it unlikely What do you think of Dr Cheney's thoughts of progression of ME.. that is how mine has progressed and now my heart is being affected by in his last progression stages.

Im curious about those 8? you helped. Can you share more about them? Were you able to do more after your treatments and what abnormalities were their tests showing before you started treating them? and did those test abnormalities go away? Lots of us, myself included.. have MANY abnormalities showing up. Does your treatment fix orthostatic tachycardia Sydrome and orthostatic hypertension?? and the other autonomic issues common in ME? (that is currently my worst ME/CFS symptom) etc(so one starts showing a normal result in tests).

Did your patients have neurological signs such as the abnormalities which show up in many ME patients on EEGs and postive rombergs tests? Did these go away after your treatments? This is what I think most of us are wondering.. what patient group are you dealing with.. those who just may have depression or those who are just "fatigued" which is often mistaken for CFS. Are you dealing and treating those who have genuine abnormalities due to ME?

If the answer is no (I are truely interested in hearing your answer so hoping you reply back) that you havent had many ME/CFS patients come to you who have abnormalities on test results it may be cause the ones who do arent usually attracted to hypnotherapy.. hence you may more so be seeing just one subgroup of ME/CFS which may not be a good representation of the rest.


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ASA Adjudication of a complaint re a claim, by University College London Hospitals, that hypnosis helps CFS

ASA ruling on claim re hypnosis and CFS:

9 January 2013

Original Claim by University College London Hospitals:
7. "[The following medical problems have been shown to benefit from the use of medical hypnosis:] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (referral through the CFS Service)".

Ruling by ASA:
7. Upheld
We noted the sample size of the two studies provided on the effects of hypnosis on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were particularly small; one was a study involving one participant and the other involved three patients.
We considered that the studies were not suitably robust and a sample size of only four people was not adequate or large enough to demonstrate the effects of hypnotherapy on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We therefore concluded that the claim "[The following medical problems have been shown to benefit from the use of medical hypnosis] - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" was misleading.
On this point, the leaflet breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation) and 12.1 (Medicines, medical devices, health related products and beauty products).
In summary, we considered that the body of evidence provided by RLHIM, as a whole, had supported the notion that hypnotherapy might help people to cope with and manage pain, and with perceived relief of pain. However, we considered that the leaflet had misleadingly implied more: that hypnotherapy could treat or cure the conditions listed, an interpretation for which we had not seen suitably robust evidence.


The leaflet must not appear again in its current form. We told RLHIM to ensure that they held robust evidence to substantiate efficacy claims in the future.