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AdB12 helps, MB12 makes me depressed and tired

Please help me. I started freddd's protocol 3 months ago. AdB12 was a real discovery. I started with 20mg daily (not knowing about freddd yet) and I thought my CFS was gone and life returned. After 3 days I fell back to Earth as AdB12 only gave me a temporary increase in energy. I settled for 10mg AdB12 daily and started adding MB12. At first I could only do 200mcg because it gave me headaches. I slowly increased it to 1mg twice a day and added mfolate and carnitine. But I became depressed and my CFS increased.

What does this mean? Should I continue trying MB12 or should I just stick with AdB12?

Plus 1 other newbie question: can CFS get worse due to an occasional crash or any other factor?

Many thanks



Senior Member
I tried to PM you, @Alenka, but I wasn´t allowed to according to a message on the screen. I guess it´s because you are a new member, so I think you have to contact a moderator that can open up for PM´s.