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Acupressure mat for insomnia - anybody tried one?


Fine, thank you
Just trying a load of non-drug things for my insomnia and have just ordered what "Bulletproof Executive" Dave Asprey sells as a $49.95 "sleep induction mat" but that appears identical (apart from the branding) to what various UK Ebay sellers list as an acupressure mat and which sell for around £14 ($22). Guess which I bought? :cool:

But thanks to Dave for the interesting podcast about how he uses his to help him sleep and to the reviewers on his site saying that it's good for insomnia (scepticism about online reviews is always worth cultivating but that's a lot of positive reviews).

I see some PR people have had some success using these mats for their fibro pain (on this thread).

Has anyone tried this for sleep?

This Salveo mat also seems to be the same product and people seem to be finding it good for pain as well as sleep, according to the Amazon reviews.

I don't consider this to be acupressure because this is just applying a load of random pointy pressure all over your back with a total lack of precision. Don't really care about the mechanism, though: just care whether it works. :)
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