1. R

    Further scientific research on LDN

    I recently read an article on the Phoenix rising blog about the scientific research being done into the effectiveness of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as a treatment for M.E. I'm interested in learning more and am wondering if anyone can recommend any further information on it? I'm particularly...
  2. 3

    Dr. Irma Rey

    Has anyone seen Dr. Rey at the Institute for Neuroimmune medicine in FL? What type of treatments is she offering for ME/CFS? Did you find her knowledgable, up to date , understanding, open to experimentation with the latest treatments, etc.? Thanks, Missy
  3. dylemmaz

    what medications should i try?

    hi everyone. i have an upcoming appointment with my cfs specialist to talk about trialing new meds/treatments. i wanted to get some input on what you think might be a good idea for me to request? i’ve found the appointments to be most productive when i go in with a list of things i would like to...
  4. 20somethingspoonie

    What is your experience with Adrafinil?

    Hello! I saw Adrafinil mentioned on another thread because it metabolizes into Modafinil, but is said to be over the counter/easier to obtain than Modafinil. I used to take Modafinil, so I'm curious to know if anyone has experience with Adrafinil and, if so, if it helped.
  5. Stretched

    A cure if COVIDS vaccines are similar in effect to polio vaccines?

    This is a casual hypothesis based on the etiology of MECFS, and the possibly the treatment for the polio virus. The illness is now regarded as neurological in expression, possibly mediated by some virus, as yet unproved. After-the-fact, in more recent years it has been likened to varying...
  6. L

    Anti IL4/5/13 for Mast Cell Disorders and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and ME/CFS by proxy

    Lately several antibodies targeting the receptors IL4, IL13 and IL5 have been approved for a range of conditions : asthma, eczema and chronic rhinosinusitis. These new treatments efficiently down regulate Th2 mediated inflammation and relieve symptoms. They work best for people who have an...
  7. C

    Has anyone tried ARV for Chinese Negative AIDS?

    Hi Everyone. I've got infected as called "Chinese Negative Aids Virus" since Dec 2019. I had sex with a southeast Asia girl who looks ill. After 3weeks, I was seriously ill really. I was certainly sure I am infected HIV. but test results negative 20times. I did rt-pcr 3times and I did western...
  8. nyanko_the_sane

    Connecting the Dots with EDS in Managing Pain w/Dr. Pradeep Chopra

    These Posts Have Been Moved from: Connecting the Dots with EDS in Managing Pain w/Dr. Pradeep Chopra Not sure how this great webinar got past us, but I am posting it here...