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  1. mitoMAN

    MCAS: What meds helped you most?

    I just gut diagnosed MCAS from IMD Berlin laboratory and started a treatment two weeks ago. I am wondering what medications helped you most and what combinations did you end up taking? IMD Berlin officially recommends the following possible cocktail: Brands might be specific for Germany or...
  2. morgan_25

    Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction

    Has anyone experienced this reaction from being on Valtrex to treat Ebstein-Barr Virus? Has anyone had any luck with this treatment option?
  3. tiredgirl928

    mestinon vs LDN

    Hi all! I have just received prescriptions for mestinon and LDN (yay!!). Has anyone taken both of these medications? Should I start them at the same time or try one for a few months and then add the other? If I do that, which should I start with first? I would also appreciate any information...
  4. M

    Melbourne members: Treatments - Neuro rehab group, Zebras, CFS in-hospital programs, any advice?

    Hello All. I'm looking into all my options as best I can after a fruitless search diagnostically. Still considering connective tissue disorder and looking at getting a second opinion from a rheumy, but have to start somewhere with treatment to try to get my life back on track (and even if the...
  5. C

    Is wearing sunglasses and ear protection a helpful form of rest?

    I am wondering if attenuating sensory input would help your brain rest. Is it a good idea for those with mild sensory sensitivity to use sunglasses and/or ear protection? How is resting from sensory input different from not exercising. I understand for most conditions there would be concern...
  6. J

    solution for me

    Dear All! First sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker, but I try to express myself as I can, I think you could understand. Let me write about a method, which could make me a full recovery from this terrible illness. It’s a cognitive behaviorical active imagination technic, what I try...