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  1. Katy131

    Has Quercetin helped your sensitivity to allergies?

    I'm trying to find something (more/new) that will help reduce my sensitivities, particularly to foods, but also to fumes and chemicals in general in my MCS. I've read a lot about Quercetin in the last week, including both PubMed articles and anecdotal evidence that it helps both the histamine...
  2. T

    Quercetin metabolism, sulphur

    Hi all! I’m very confused and hope someone can help me. I really would like to take Quercetin for my MCAS but I also have hydrogen sulfide Sibo which causes sulfur intolerance. There’s conflicting information regarding quercetin becoming metabolite of sulphur in the body. When I message...
  3. linusbert

    Capers strong against allergies and food allergies and allergic asthma?

    i just was researching things which could help against the increasing food intolerances, allergies and mast cell problems. "capers" are undermentioned in the forum, i just read one post recommending it - but somehow his (@xploit316) post went down in all the information especially because it was...
  4. SNT Gatchaman

    Quercetin binding accelerates prion fibrillation into proteinase sensitive and loosely structured amyloids (Yu et al, 2022)

    Quercetin binding accelerates prion fibrillation into proteinase sensitive and loosely structured amyloids Kun-Hua Yu, Cheng-Ping Jheng, Cheng-I Lee Amyloidoses are caused by the deposition of amyloid fibrils ascribed to protein misfolding. In this study, we examined the antiamyloidogenic and...
  5. D

    My Sulfur Intolerance is managed with Quercetin. Please help me understand why.

    If I eat anything with sulfur in it my finger pip joints swell a little and turn a little red. Chicken effects me the most and eggs come in second. I have no idea why my finger pip joints swell but I believe it may have to do with uric acid or ammonia. Quercetin allows me to eat as much meat...