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  1. Numidian

    Modification of Immunological Parameters, Oxidative Stress Markers, Mood Symptoms, and Well-Being Status ... Venturini et al., 2019

    Hi all, Hopefully I am not messing up this post - apologies in advance if I am violating the one or other of this forum's posting conventions. In any case, the authors have treated ME patients with several commercially available blends of probiotics, each of which is thought to be related to...
  2. hmnr asg

    question understanding fecal test results

    Hi there, I had a recent fecal test done and I'm including the parts of it that seem salient. I was wondering if anyone could help me interpret these results? I dont really understand what they mean. Background: 42 yo male, 13 years of cfs (6 of them borderline severe). Symptom onset was...
  3. Forummember9922

    Anyone tried protocol suggested per this study? (ImmunoSEB and PrioBioSeb 14 days)

    https://www.mdpi.com/2305-6320/8/9/47 ImmunoSeb and ProbioSeb 'resoves' longcovid fatigue? Just curious if anyone tried this exact combo and if it did anything for them Cheerio
  4. T

    Trying Colloidal Silver. Instructions? Probiotics?

    I’m trying colloidal silver for my gut and it seems to cause bloating after several hours. I think it messes with my good bacteria. How should i take this? How much should I take? I take the teaspoon CS twice a day but should I follow it with probiotics or some sauerkraut an hour later...
  5. Kes

    There's no place like Microbiome -(Probiotic advice please)

    Howdy 🤠 folks, I've not ventured really into the probiotic world other than an unsuccessful experiment with kefir a few years ago which made me feel rough,more fatigued basically. I'd be nervous about starting out with anything too strong. I am severely affected and am only managing to be out...
  6. Hipsman

    Anyone Tried Probiotics for Nose? (can be used to improve bacterial flora, treat chronic sinusitis or other nasal infections)

    Just recently learned that our nose/throat/nasopharynx have bacterial flora, and just like with gut, if it's damaged, it can lead to health problems. Anyone researched this topic? I'm going to do a trial using normal probiotic in powder form from local pharmacy. Will use similar process as...
  7. lyran

    Dr. Ohhira's probiotics

    For those who have used Dr. Ohhira's probiotics (original formula or professional formula): how long did you take it, what was the dose and did it improve any of your symptoms? 8 days ago I started taking original formula at one capsule per day and it has worsened my fatigue, gave me headaches...
  8. A

    What foods contain bifidobacteria?

    Hello, So I wonder if there are any foods that contain bifidobacteria? Because all fermented food contain lactobacillus, but I haven't found a description of a fermented food containing bifidobacteria? How are we supposed to have bifidobacteria if we can not acquire it through food? Do we...