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  1. Kadar

    Please help! potassium drop

    Hello everyone. I need your help very strongly. I'll try to write it short and sorry for any mistakes. So, I started methylfolate due to MTHFR 1298 ++ 1,5year ago for my CFS. I didn't get any results except for being dependent on potassium. I tried high doses from Freddd's protocol and it was...
  2. W

    Alternative ways to get extra potassium?

    I've finally got my methlyation up enough that my need for potassium has increased. However, I'm having a problem getting potassium into my body. My digestive system will not absorb more than 50 mg/day if that when I take supplements and that's spread out. I think this is partially due to being...
  3. Sarah94

    Taurine causing low potassium???

    Hi there. I took taurine for the first time last night in the hope that it would help me with sleep. I took 2000mg. It did help send me to sleep, but I also had some bad effects which I'm not sure if were due to the taurine or a coincidence. For context - I have low-end severe ME. Spend all...