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  1. PatJ

    Study finds hemorrhagic brain disease caused by gut bacteria metabolite

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before. Considering how gut bacteria might be connected with ME/CFS I thought some of our members might be interested in this article on NewAtlas: Study finds hemorrhagic brain disease caused by gut bacteria metabolite. Some excerpts:
  2. M

    Help! Develop rashes when eating but all food sensitivities negative. Gut issues?

    I have been sick for a little over a year now and just a few months ago I started having reactions occasionally when eating. The reaction starts by causing my ears to get really red and hot, then my face, chest, shoulders, elbows, knees (basically all joints) becomes really red and hot. After...
  3. MaximilianKohler

    Who to contact to get an FMT clinical trial with high quality donors?

    I've been following the microbiome literature daily for 4+ years while cataloging it all into this wiki: https://old.reddit.com/r/HumanMicrobiome/wiki/ There is tremendous support for FMT being close to a panacea with the major caveat being that the donor is in perfect health, with an...