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  1. lyran

    Efthymios’s AI aided protocol

    I didn't saw a separate discussion about this topic yet so I made one because I think he is into something. There have been other discussions where some of his supplements were mentioned and discussed and @mariovitali has talked about some of these several years ago but this subject deserves...
  2. T

    Artichoke extract

    Anyone here with Artichoke extract experience? It gave me yellow stools. Stools were yellow to begin with but this made it even more so. Thought it was suppose to help darken stools. I had loose stools today and it was a yellow/orangey colour. Will this happen if bile is being flushed out by...
  3. T

    VITAMIN K1! Help!!

    Ok I may have overdone it on Vitamin k1 for profuse bleeding. I feel flush with some tingling in left foot. Im doomed either way. Don’t take and i’m bleeding and take and i end up feeling flush. I am deficient in vitamin K and it is helping thr bleeding but the dose was too high at 1mg. It...
  4. 2

    Turmeric caused liver pain

    I’m not 100% sure about this but I took 1000 mg turmeric daily for about 5 years. A couple years ago I developed a knawing off and on pain in my upper right side and was sent to a gastroenterologist. They did abdominal scans and liver tests and said I had fatty liver. I lost weight and made...
  5. X

    Cholecystokinin - When Bile release becomes an issue

    Hello everyone, I seem to have issues with anything that triggers bile production. I have noticed that whenever I eat bitter foods, high fats(saturated mostly), high protein, soluble fiber and resistant starch, fruit juices (high pectin), exposure to high heat environments, I seem to suffer both...
  6. W

    Very tired, depressed, weak and headaches after taking just 1 capsule of milk thistle

    I’m trying to detox my liver and am trying to take milk thistle. However, I experience these symptoms and they don’t subside until 3-4 days after I stop taking. I’ve read that they could be detox reactions and I went to look up how to reduce these symptoms while taking milk thistle and...
  7. hberg

    Heavy reaction from liver

    Last month i tried liver and had the most strange and severe reaction from a food. It was 100gr of beef liver. After eating the liver, slowly and steadily in a timeframe of 4-5 days the following symptoms crept in: - Very high anxiety, never experienced it that severe - Issues breathing - Chest...
  8. Jwarrior77

    Pale Stool and Bile Salts

    Does anyone have extremely pale stools? Ever since getting sick they have never been the right consistency and have completely lost it's brown color. My bilirubin is also ever so slightly high. I got an abdominal ultrasound and everything came back ok. I think I'm either not producing enough...