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  1. Cipher

    Dr. Markov autovaccine-style treatment using commercially available bacterial vaccines that can be bought online

    Hi everyone! If you’re unacquainted with Dr. Markov’s nephrodysbacteriosis / CBIS theory and his autovaccine treatment, see this thread first. In addition to autovaccines, there are a lot of commercial bacterial vaccines available around the world that are used to prevent urinary tract...
  2. Hip

    Link between craniocervical instability (CCI) and Dr Markov's bacterial dysbiosis theory of ME/CFS?

    Link Between CCI and the Markov CBIS bacterial dysbiosis theory of ME/CFS? Dr Igor Markov in the Ukraine say he has found the cause and the cure of ME/CFS: he believes ME/CFS is due to a chronic bacterial dysbiosis in the kidneys, and sometimes also in the nasopharynx (the nasopharynx is an...
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    Dr Igor Markov Says ME/CFS Is Caused by a Bacterial Dysbiosis in the Kidneys, and Says Autovaccine Therapy Cures 93% of ME/CFS Cases

    Dr Markov's NephroDysbacteriosis / CBIS Theory of ME/CFS Dr Igor Markov in the Ukraine has an incredible theory on the cause of ME/CFS, and also a unique ME/CFS treatment which he claims is fully curative in 93% of ME/CFS cases. Curative means all the symptoms of ME/CFS fully and permanently...