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  1. serafim

    Does anyone else get gradual onset crashes?

    I’m trying to determine whether i’m in a crash or if it’s something else. I had to travel in early July and that caused me to crash badly. I paced myself but instead of getting better i kept getting PEM from minimal exertion that i normally tolerated even in crashes. I’ve very gradually...
  2. serafim

    I’m rapidly deteriorating— can relapsing-remiting ME turn progressive?

    I had a series of stressful events in my life that caused me to crash in early july. ever since then, every time i got PEM, i haven’t recovered from it. My baseline was so unstable it was really hard to gauge what was going to give me PEM. I went from moderate to severe to very severe in 3...
  3. RyeRyeBread

    Waking up feeling like I've crashed [PEM] in my sleep?

    I've been waking up [from naps and general overnight sleeping] feeling like I've crashed in my sleep, and been a little caught off guard because I didn't think I was going to- Anyone else? When I crash/have a PEM episode, I usually have a whole handful of symptoms that occur, as somewhat of a...
  4. RyeRyeBread

    How do you classify your PEM? How does your PEM behave? How has it changed over time?

    I classify my PEM in two main ways - crashes (PEM main "episodes") & flares (the hours/days of recovery/worsening of symptoms and baseline after a PEM crash). Looks like this: I'll do an activity/exert myself >> I crash (for me, usually a few hours after the activity, and lasting for 2-6 hrs...
  5. nerd

    CNS-related crashes with dominant nausea

    I'm curious if any of you has the same manifestation of acute crashes as I have. Because in my case, the sequence is relatively consistent among all the incidents. Yesterday, I had another lukewarm bath. These baths happen to change something so that I wake up early and feel ready for the day...
  6. W

    2-day neurocognitive testing to measure cognitive crash?

    We're trying to justify treatment to insurance, but a standard 2-day exercise test doesn't get at my son's primary functional issues. His key items are the fatigue, anxiety, intractable headache, brain fog, bad sleep ... AND the neurocognitive/emotional crash he has after cognitive/emotional...
  7. Regiesh

    Methyl Cobalamin Crash?

    I started taking 1mg of methyl cobalamin recently. It really helps me with energy throughout the day but I always seem to have an extreme somewhere between 5-7pm. Is it safe for me to take a second 1mg methyl cobalamin around 5pm to potentially prevent the crash? Is this common? I'm sensitive to...
  8. Jody

    Article Never Enough Hours in a Day With ME/CFS

    Never Enough Hours in a Day With ME/CFS by Jody Smith There just aren't enough hours in the day for the person with ME/CFS. At least, it's been like this for me. It's not that I'm so terribly busy. Indeed, I am not. Not like I used to be busy, before illness. The complicating factor and...
  9. Jody

    The Crash that Follows the Push of ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day

    The Crash that Follows the Push of ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day by Jody Smith It's been about a month since the ME/CFS community pulled out all the stops for our May 12 International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day. I think we have a great deal to be proud of, and encouraged by. With each passing...
  10. Jody

    Article Why Is it so Hard to Learn New Things With ME/CFS?

    Why Is it so Hard to Learn New Things With ME/CFS? by Jody Smith On good days, I mostly operate on cruise control, with the occasional moment of brilliance and quite a bit of vegetative regeneration. I can handle most things especially if they are routine and familiar. Bring in something new...
  11. Stretched

    Crashes and/or depression?

    Today is a lost day for me due to crashing - one of my worst. I feel so systemically bad and brain fogged, with depression, all so bad that I’d have to have a twin to feel worse! Apparently this is due to a 3 hour, 50 mile driving round trip for a doctor’s appointment, along with about a mile...
  12. hmnr asg

    handling mentally challenging tasks

    Hi everyone, So there is a lot of discussion on the forum about handling physically demanding tasks, e.g., using a heart rate monitor to ensure one's heart rate is not going above some baseline and breaking the tasks into smaller chunks and resting in between. What I like to ask the members...