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covid vaccine side effects

  1. Revel

    COVID vaccine paralysis and FND

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9825965/Videos-people-struggling-walk-getting-Covid-vaccine-NOT-result-jab.html I had the AstraZeneca vaccine back in March, after which I experienced a severe reaction that caused temporary limb paralysis. Since then, both my gait and overall stamina...
  2. 2

    Anyone feel BETTER after getting the Covid vax?

    I just had my 2nd Moderna shot 3 days ago. I was terrified when I got the first one because I've had severe ME for 35 years and can't take vaccines due to severe reactions to flu shots. To my surprise, I had almost no side effects with #1 shot and even felt better than usual afterwards...
  3. V

    Poll #2: Compare second vaccine dose to first (and some extra)

    Just setting this up because of the poster who was hoping to get info on reactions to second dose compared to first. Others may have same question. Please check off all that applies. (Note I am hoping that "publicly visible" means only the aggregate is visible. If that is not true, i will edit...
  4. V

    POLL #1: 30 days post vaccine

    Hi folks- You can check off as many as you like - more than one should apply to you - and you can change your answers as often as needed. Note there are many items on the list including co-existent AI conditions and age questions I sure hope the poll creator does NOT randomize the options...
  5. gbells

    My Concerns about the Coronavirus-19 vaccines

    I just had a discussion with my pharmacist about the coronavirus vaccines. I have concerns about the cost to benefit of the vaccines and the possibility of vaccine contamination that might injure patients. It has been discovered that asian countries have a very low covid death rate of around...
  6. 2

    Covid Vaccine Side Effects: Panic Attacks?

    Hi folks. I could really use some encouragement. I’m scheduled for my first Moderna shot tomorrow. I haven’t had a vaccine in 22 years due to an extreme reaction immediately following getting the combo flu and pneumonia shots. It wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction but it triggered severe panic...