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  1. K

    Hydroxocoblamin not converting to Adensoylcoblamin

    Hello all, I am taking a hydroxy b12 and Folinic acid lozenge along with plenty of riboflavin in the AM as I am MTHFR c677t double, but my MMA does not lower. I am also Comt ++ so methyl does not work for me/causes neurotransmitter issues. If I take an Adensoylcobalmin b12 lozenge in the PM...
  2. K

    Two Forms of B12 at Once = No Absorption?

    Hello all, After identifying my B12 deficiency via an MMA test (623) we tried methyl shots with methylfolate but found I was having neuropathy. Stopping both methyls cleared up the neuropathy and using an hydroxy b12 1000mcg/Folinic acid lozenge in the AM along with an Adensoyl b12 1000mcg...
  3. Pyrrhus

    B12: a simple 5-second poll for everyone

    This is a simple 5-second poll for anyone who has ever tried a B12 supplement in any form. Many thanks to everyone who responds! Please feel free to share your experience in more detail in a post.
  4. Hip

    Very noticeable improvements in brain fog using Dr Greg Russell-Jones's transdermal B12 oils (which provide a similar dose to B12 injections)

    For the last few months I have been using the methylcobalamin + adenosylcobalamin vitamin B12 transdermal oil developed by Dr Greg Russell-Jones in Australia, which he recommends for ME/CFS. This transdermal B12 oil has made very noticeable improvements in my brain fog and cognitive clarity...