Hydroxocoblamin not converting to Adensoylcoblamin

Hello all,

I am taking a hydroxy b12 and Folinic acid lozenge along with plenty of riboflavin in the AM as I am MTHFR c677t double, but my MMA does not lower.

I am also Comt ++ so methyl does not work for me/causes neurotransmitter issues.

If I take an Adensoylcobalmin b12 lozenge in the PM, along with the other items in the AM (hydroxy/Folinic acid/riboflavin), my MMA lowers a lot and my symptoms feel better.

Anyone know why the hydroxy/Folinic acid with riboflavin is not converting to Adensoyl by itself? I thought riboflavin would convert the Folinic acid to methylfolate and down the line become ATP to convert the cobalamin to Adensoylcobalmin.

Thanks for any help, this is beyond frustrating,