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How to Start Your Own Group

How to Start Your Own Group

Groups are a great way for members with similar interests to have their own space to discuss these interests. A Group can be about anything as long the topic falls within the Forum Rules. Members can create public, moderated, or private groups.

To Start Your Group

  • Click on the 'Groups' tab
  • Click on 'Create Group'
  • Add the name of your group
  • Type a description of your group in the text box being as thorough as possible
  • Select the category you want your group to be associated with:

  • Choose the color of the title of your group by clicking on the text box beside 'Group Color'
  • Choose what type of group you would like to create:

Public Groups: any member can join a Public Group; simply click on 'join' and you will become a member of the group
Moderated Groups: to join a moderated group, click on 'join' and the member who started the group will approve you
Private Groups: the owner of the group has to invite you to be part of this group

  • Click on 'Create'

Private Groups

A Private Group will not be listed publicly in the 'Groups' list.

How to Find Your Private Group:

  • Hover your mouse over the 'Groups' tab and then hover your mouse over the down arrow that appears
  • You will see:

  • Click on 'My Groups'

To Invite members to join your Private Group:

Open your group, you will see the Group Controls Menu:

  • Click on 'Invite user to the group'
  • Add members you wish to invite to the text box
  • Click on 'Save Changes'

NOTE: A member will ONLY see the invitation if they click on the 'Groups' tab

After you have invited a member to join your group, you might want to send them a Private Message (Start a Conversation) in case they miss the invitation on the Groups page

If a member accepts your invitation, you will see their avatar appear on your groups page

Group Controls

Leave Group:

  • Leaving a group means that you longer wish to be a member
  • When you click on 'Leave Group', you will see a message:

  • Click on 'Leave Group' if you no longer wish to participate in the group

Edit Group:

This is where you can edit your group

'Edit Group' has the same options as when you initially created your group except you can give your group a 'Group Icon' by uploading a picture from your computer:

  • Click on 'Upload a Group Icon;
  • Click on 'Choose File'
  • Click on the file you want to add from your computer
  • Click on 'Open'
  • Click on 'Save' and your group icon will be added

IGNORE the 'Group Tile' option has it has presently has no functionality.

Edit Membership:

When you click on this, you will see a list of the members that belong to your group

  • Click on their username to find out more about them
  • Click on 'Promote to Leader' if you want a member to be a co-leader.
  • Click on 'Demote', if you no longer wish another member to be a leader in your group.
  • Click on 'Kick from group' if you no longer want a member participating in your group (Note: if you kick a member out of your group for inappropriate behavior, please report this to the moderators). When you kick a member out of your group, their avatar will disappear from your groups page. The group leader can delete their posts if necessary.

Invite User to the Group:

  • This has been explained in the 'Private Groups' section

Delete Group:

  • If you click on this option, your group will be deleted permanently:

  • Click on 'Delete Group' if you are sure this is the action you want to take

To Create a Thread

  • Open the group
  • Click on 'Create a Thread'
  • Give your message a title
  • Add your message
  • Click on 'Post'

To Post on a Thread

  • Open the group
  • Click on the name of the thread that you wish to post on
  • Type your message in the editing box
  • Click on 'Post Reply'

PLEASE NOTE: The first line of a post in a private group will show up in a member's news feed. To prevent this from occurring:

  • Click on your username
  • Click on 'Privacy' in the drop down menu
  • Deselect the option for 'Receive your news feeds'
  • Click on 'Save'
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